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Suntouch Command Thermostat

This suntouch commandthermostat is a programmable, floor sensor thermostat that is compatible withn cooker, stovetop, or oven. It includes a ictor floor sensor that lets you control the cooking area with your hand to ensure even heating and cooling. The thermostat can be linked to a home's ac or water supply to create a more comfortable home.

500825 120v/240v
120240 Dual Voltage Gfci
SunTouch SunStat PRO II Programmable Floor Heat Thermostat
SunTouch Mat  Floor Heat Kit 50 sq ft, 24" x 25' configurabl

SunTouch Mat Floor Heat Kit

By SunTouch

USD $536.20

SunTouch Mat  Floor Heat Kit 35 sq ft, 24"x17.5' configurabl

SunTouch Mat Floor Heat Kit

By SunTouch

USD $450.10

SunTouch WarmWire  Floor Heat Kit, 100 sq ft Cable Adaptable

SunTouch WarmWire Floor Heat Kit,

By SunTouch

USD $840.00

Top 10 Suntouch Command Thermostat 2022

This is a programmable floor heat thermostat that uses the suntouch platform to have control over your temperature. The thermostat has a 500825 120v240v. Compatible on board device to allow for full control over your heating and cooling system.
the suntouch sunstat command programmable touchscreen floor heating thermostat is a tool to help keep your home cool and comfortable. With its touch-based interface, this command keypad controller can control all type of floor heaters and touch screens around the world. The suntouch sunstat can also be used to regulate the temperature in your home, just by touching it!
the suntouch dial non programmable floor heat thermostat 120240 dual voltage gfci is a sun-touchdial heat-balancing system that allows you to select cold or hot water. The thermostat also has a digital read-out and a on/off switch. The thermostat can control water temperature from the side or within the system as well as between 120240 degrees.