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Suntouch Floor Heat Thermostat

This suntouch command touchscreen programmable thermostat model 500850 includes floor sensor. This model is a suntouch command touch screen programmable over-the-air thermostat that uses a floor sensor to detect when the user is present. The model offers 500850 features, including a floor sensor for automatic heating and cooling.

500825 120v/240v
120240 Dual Voltage Gfci
SunTouch SunStat PRO II Programmable Floor Heat Thermostat
SunTouch WarmWire  Floor Heat Kit, 70 sq ft Cable Adaptable

SunTouch WarmWire Floor Heat Kit,

By SunTouch

USD $447.30

SunTouch Mat  Floor Heat Kit 30 sq ft, 24" x 15' configurabl

SunTouch Mat Floor Heat Kit

By SunTouch

USD $372.14

SunTouch WarmWire  Floor Heat Kit, 50 sq ft cable adaptable

SunTouch WarmWire Floor Heat Kit,

By SunTouch

USD $375.20


Top 10 Suntouch Floor Heat Thermostat Features

This suntouch floor heat thermostat is a programmable, wifi enabled touch screen tabletop temperaturereader. It features a suntouch wifi enabled touch screen, which makes it easy to use with a controller or app. The thermostat has a truth table representation of home weather conditions and is programmable to send the correct signal to the sun to contour over the year. The thermostat has a current setting bar and a 6 step change chest. The bar can be accessed from the control panel to control the sun temperature range, light and dark, or turn on/off the sun light. The six step change chest ensures even distribution of heat throughout the house. The thermostat has a on/off button and aupairing uk customer conditions. The thermostat is made from durable weather resistant materials and comes with a control panel, instructions, and an associated uk customer condition.
the suntouch dial non programmable floor heat thermostat is a 120240 dual voltage gfci heat exchanger that allows you to regulate the temperature on your sun impact floor to ensure the best heating experience. The thermostat can be used with a standard 120vac cable or an e-refreshable cable to ensure best performance. The thermostat has a inputs for use with washer and dryer and a outputs for use with 185/190# and 208/240# power.
the suntouch sunstat pro ii programmable floor heat thermostat is perfect for use in a sun room or another location where heat is important. It includes a front and backlight, so you can see what's going on in the room than you're using. The programmable function can help to optimize heat distribution and speed up the process of getting your floor to temperature.